Saturday, October 3, 2009

Orma - Mens Day

Do anyone of you remember this procession

Who is This terrorist? Any Idea ? and Name the uncivilised  person  walking behind him

 Thulasi is now working as conductor in K S R T C

Real Police  and Duplicate terrorist - a popular photo of that time

I got these photos from kuttusan's (Shiju) orkut album. If any one has any other photos please mail to

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രഞ്ജിത് വിശ്വം I ranji said...

ha ha ha How is it?

ajeen said...

ranjith i have fwd some photos stolen frm the net :) may be of some interest. told nishant has the class photo. we need to track him down

ADVOCATE said...

Dear Machan I got invitation from Ajeen so blindly thought that he is the mentor so congratulations were fired to his chest but you know he was wearing bullet proof and the same redirected the bullet to the original owners chest..thanks ajeen for the magic and thanks machaan for the made me young...