Tuesday, October 6, 2009

hlo frnds

the blog says there had been 80 visitors till now but nobody is contributing. folks why dont we make this place a little lively....plssssssss


orma said...

it equally applies to the SILENT followers also

രഞ്ജിത് വിശ്വം I ranji said...

Number of visitors seems rising sharply.
I think we need to start an interactive session here to attract more comments.

Visitors...please leave a word just to know that who are coming to our blog.

ajeen said...

ranjith think am losing out on patience. its not that we few have all the time in the world nd the rest r the chosen few who cant take out even 5 mins time. if that be so let it be. am sure we can survive without this also


its not expected from u. try again. we will win as in the case orma forum